The Custom Home Building Process

The Custom built home starts as an idea in the mind of a potential customer of your company and hence it is important to know your clients before the design is built. This makes easy for you to understand the expectation of the client of their new endeavour. This process ends up as the most valuable step and key to final result. It is important to have the team knowledgeable enough in the trade so that the best craftsmanship is offered making the quality better and service reliable.

Every concept of home is different from others. The home building project follows a fairly uniform pattern over a period of two to three months. When you explain these steps to your clients, it makes the interaction participative. By approaching each of the below-mentioned steps individually you can make the client feel comfortable with the whole exercise.

Step 1 Design and Discovery

This is the most exciting step in the home building process. One should work one-on-one with the client to understand their ideas and dreams of their custom home. It is important to collaborate and make sure the budget doesn’t exceed the expectation of the client. The objective here is to assimilate those ideas and make the project come to life. Tulip Door Repair can help much here.

Step 2: Pre-Construction

During this phase, designate a single point of contact (of the level of a project manager) to guide the client through the material selection process. The project manager will also take care of submitting and processing all permits and relevant paperwork. The client also gets to meet with your supply partners to shop for items. By this time the client will be excited knowing that the next phase is where the actual custom home construction will begin.

Step 3: Build & Construction

During this phase, the client’s dreams and ideas start to become reality. With your plan in place and the high skilled construction team assembled, you will start by focusing the efforts on building a sturdy foundation and clear-cut layout. As soon as the pieces are all put together ensure that the client realizes that you are at and above the market standard of perfection, the final details will fall right into place for completion. Make sure that your different teams of painters, plumbing affiliates, carpenters and drywall experts puts in effort to calibrate all of the different aspects that will make the project a dream home.

Step 4: Warranty & Beyond

By this stage, thanks to your thorough process, a complete final product has taken shape .A place which the client will call a dream home for years to come. As a company that oversaw the project see the daylight you are responsible to provide assistance that may be required in terms of service offers, repairs, and follow-ups.

You can even partner with companies that provide home insurance and offer the client best quote for the service. This can be coverage for structural damage or for the entire home including smart appliances and security systems.

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