Fashion—The World Is Incomplete

Women love fashion and there are no two views about that. However there are two views to what extents can this mania go to. It is only fair to say that it is only a minority of women that will wear a particular dress of particular clothing. There could be umpteen reasons for this but the many could be that the women do not have the confidence to carry off a casual outfit in public.

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One must know that a lot of confidence can be gained by watching other women and then experiment on oneself. In the market there are various styles of dresses from the casual to the formal.  Now one can definitely understand that the casual ones are for daily wear and the formal ones for occasions. In fact one can say that fashion begins from childhood where young girls dream to try out dresses like Cinderella.

Once they reach adulthood there are many occasions where the young girls can experiment with dresses. It could be at a concert in a school, a dress rehearsal for the college, a graduation party or then the most important a friend’s wedding. The gown dress is surely the most sought after dresses by girls now a day. The reason behind the popularity of the gown is that it flatters the figure without revealing it and at the same time it is most feminine and attractive. In this also color plays a great role as many girls find that a black gown looks sexy especially used in parties and a white gown are usually kept for the wedding day.

Besides the gown there are many combinations for girls. Sadly one can say that there is hardly any choice for the boys or men except for the usual pant and shirt or jeans and t shirt. For the girls there is the mini dress, the sheath dress which looks sexy and attractive, the shiff dress and the suit dress. In fact one can say women are spoilt for choice as far as fashion is concerned. In fact the range is so wide that at times it becomes too difficult for one to decide as to what to wear.

There is a saying that a dress can make a statement to the world but it depends the way it is worn. Whatever the remark may be it should come from the opposite person or sex and not from the wearer. One can easily say that no dress is complete without the stiletto heels. Fashion has come a long way from the time where women would wear long dresses and also in series under each dress. Nowadays girls are just comfortable wearing a t shirt and jeans, a salwar kurta, a mini skirt or the most common leggings and shirt. In fact it was unheard of that before the sixties girls or women could wear trousers. Just remember that one dress can change fashion in minutes and what was fashion today is obsolete tomorrow. Fashion for women really changes with drop of a shirt as the saying goes.

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