Birth Flowers Of The Month- From January To December

Origin of different flowers associated with all the months of the year goes back to the middle ages. Based on the culture or religion, flowers have varied meanings, they symbolically represent various things. Some ideas representing the months of the year and the different flowers symbolically representing these months have been detailed below:

Carnations: January

Carnations in January represent beauty, pride, gratitude and admiration. They also represent fascination, divine love and distinction. The multilayered, soft and feathery petals of carnations go a long way in making them fragrant and richly colorful gems.

Iris: February

The three upright petals of Iris symbolize valor, faith and wisdom. Iris also symbolizes hope, passion and valued friendship. Iris is the flower of the month of February and it comes in purple, blue, white and yellow colors.

Daffodil: March

Bright yellow daffodils are the birth flowers of the month of March symbolizing new beginnings and rebirth. They also represent joy and happiness.

Daisy: April

Daisy epitomizes childlike playfulness and joy and is also symbolic of love and purity.

Lily: May

Lilies represent virtue, humility and sweetness. In the flower language, this May birth flower is the true expression of honor, purity and majesty.

Rose: June

Rose represents perfection, beauty, passion and love. Rose is a flower that is rich with meaning and history. Roses in different colors are used for gifting purpose with each color representing a relation.

Delphinium: July

With its dolphin-shaped lush flowers, the aptly named delphinium which is also called larkspur is a flower that symbolizes ardent attachment and an open heart. It also signifies feelings of levity and lightness. The refreshing fragrance and gentle hues of this flower offer it a distinctive and refreshing natural beauty.

Gladiola: August

The birth flower of the month of August, Gladiola represents moral integrity and strength. This is a romantic flower that has the ability of piercing the heart with its beauty.

Aster: September

Aster features a very lush texture and this September birth flower has wildflower beauty and rich hues. This flower is also closely associated with various magical powers.

Marigold: October

With its autumn-colored and rich hues, marigold is the quintessential birth flower of the month of October. Colorful and brilliant, marigolds signify grace and affection. These flowers do not live long after they are cut and therefore they are best sent as presents during October.

Chrysanthemum: November

Chrysanthemums stand as the symbol of sun and they represent perfection, happiness and optimism.

Poinsettia: December

Poinsettias are also called Christmas flowers symbolizing merriment and good cheer. They are best meant for the joyful celebrations during Christmas.

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